January Vocational Examinations UPDATE

Statement regarding DfE announcement 05.01.21 regarding January vocational examinations from Bishop Chadwick CET (St. Anthony’s, St Aidan’s, St Bede’s, St Wilfrid’s, St Joseph’s)

Late in the evening of 4th January 2021 the DfE confirmed that the January series of BTEC examinations was to proceed. Late the following evening, the 5th January, the advice was updated to give schools, colleges and training providers the ability to choose for themselves if the examinations in their centres go ahead or not.

We are conscious that some of our students may not wish to undertake the examination offered, but others will wish to take the examination as they feel they are fully prepared and are ready for the assessment. We have decided that we, as an examination centre, will support all students wishing to make either of these decisions.

In reaching their decision, students will need to consider the following:

If students decide to undertake the examination and do not perform as strongly as they expect, at this stage we do not have a guarantee that you will have the opportunity to re-sit the examination, or to have a Centre Assessed Grade considered.

The following assurances have however been offered by Pearsons Edexcel (Examination Board):

“We will certificate any learner who is unable to take their exams and has enough evidence to receive a certificate that they need for progression.”

“Learners unable to take their assessment this January may be able to take their assessment at a later date. If that is not possible, we will put in place arrangements to ensure no learner is disadvantaged.”

We realise that all of this is very challenging for students, but please rest assured that we will support all our students whatever their decision.

Any queries please contact the exams officer at St. Anthony’s or St Aidan’s.