At St. Anthony’s students are expected to follow all academy policies and procedures so that they have an enjoyable and successful experience. You are expected to be punctual, polite and respectful to all members of our academy community. We value all students equally. We have high expectations of behaviour and take pride in providing a supportive, safe and happy environment for all students. All members of staff aim to provide a high quality learning environment and are happy to support students with any issues that may arise.

You will have the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular clubs and activities at St. Anthony’s, and you will be encouraged to make valuable contributions to all areas of school life. As a student you will also have the opportunity to visit many local, national and international places of interest for your studies or extra-curricular activities. We also encourage students to take part in various charity events to support a range of charitable organisations.

All students at St. Anthony’s will be encouraged to achieve their potential and we will support you in all of your studies. Your commitment to your academic work, and other areas of school life, is also important to ensure you achieve your very best.

Welcome to all new students

We would like to extend a very warm St. Anthony’s welcome to all of our new Year 7 and Year 12 Sixth Form students.

Don’t forget to wear the correct uniform, to arrive on time and to bring a school bag with your new equipment. We look forward to seeing you all.