History is a subject that forms the bedrock of our understanding of the culture in which we live as well as the wider world around us.  The content covered gives students the opportunity to explore issues at a local, national and international level from the ancient era through to the twentieth century.  This range of history offers the opportunity to explore different peoples’ perspectives on issues and events and think critically about the world in which they live.  Our curriculum is sequenced to give students a broad understanding of the chronological development of British history, as well as being able to make links to other societies, cultures and world events.

Understanding key concepts within History, such as significance and causation and consequence, unlock the door for students to be able to ask leading questions, analyse information and convey their views in a methodical and structured way.  These skills are honed and developed progressively through the curriculum to create historians confident in communicating their views, both in writing and orally.  Each topic is framed around a challenging historical question or topic which is linked to a key historical concept. Lessons mirror this, with key questions forming the basis for each topic. This will ensure students access and apply high level vocabulary with increasing rigour over their time in history classrooms.

The History curriculum offered immerses students in a range of cultures and engenders an enquiring and critical outlook on the world, with skills that can be applied in other subjects and in their future endeavours.

Vision, Key Concepts and Skills


Year 7 – 11 Curriculum Map

Year 12 Curriculum Map

Year 13 Curriculum Map

Year 7 – 9 Progression Models

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