STEM at St Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy is about stretching our students beyond the curriculum. From regular clubs to national competition we have a rich selection of activities, there’s something for everyone.  Why not get involved in one of these opportunities?

Science Club: Our hands on STEM science club for years 7 and 8. We meet weekly to enjoy a range of activities from chromatography butterflies to spaghetti and marshmallow towers.

STEM homework activities: Throughout the year, Y7-13 will be asked to find out about careers, current research and our local labour market.

Activities in class: Studying scientists and discoveries that have changed the path of science allows us to develop our understanding of the scientific community. Working collaboratively we gain the skills that make us good researchers and applying these to our local employers helps us know where the future of science will take us.

Working Lunch: Coming soon. Speakers, students (y10-13) and staff discuss current STEM topics in academic research or industry.

Website: What next? Why science? Take a look at our STEM careers website.  St Anthony’s STEM Website