Pope John Paul II Award

Pope John Paul II award – Years 12 and 13
What is it?

The award was created to commemorate the late St. Pope John Paul II who was so committed to young people and who had such a belief and confidence in them.
Through the Pope John Paul II Award young people in the Hexham and Newcastle Diocese will be enabled to take an active part in the life of their Church, in the life of their community and society, and also become more aware of the teaching and role of the Catholic Church in the world. This will enable young people to engage at a deep level with Christ, whose body the Church is.
It will allow young people to understand that religion and faith are not just for learning, nor are they a list of rules but that they are for living.
There are three Awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each Award requires a level of commitment to both Parish and Social Awareness:
Award Parish Involvement Social Awareness
Bronze 8 hours 8 hours
Silver 14 hours 14 hours
Gold 20 hours 20 hours

The award is non-competitive, inclusive and voluntary. The award requires an ongoing commitment to a faith community and to one or more social awareness projects.
Once the hours of service to the parish involvement and social awareness have been completed, a presentation is required demonstrating the work done and its impact. The presentation will also relate the service given to the teaching of Christ.

Pope Francis reminded us of how much their contribution is valued at World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro when he gave this message to the young people of the world:
“The Church needs you, your enthusiasm, your creativity and the joy that is so characteristic of you…. You can be joyful witnesses of His love, courageous witnesses of His Gospel, carrying to this world a ray of His light.”

Day of the week that it runs
The award is launched to Year 12 in September. They then have until the following October (13 months) to complete the necessary hours to achieve either Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Who is welcome to attend?
Any Year 12 student is welcome to take part in the award. There are half termly ‘catch ups’ to check how the students are progressing, but the award is completed independently. Mr Harrison can assist with finding volunteering opportunities if students are struggling and there will be opportunities throughout the year to complete volunteer hours within school if students want to.

Half-termly meetings organised with the students who are taking part in the award.

In a classroom in Gabriel

Any additional information for students/parents?
It is a nationally recognised award. Students who complete the award and their family and families are invited to an award ceremony in around March of Year 13. In 2022 this was held at the Gateshead Hilton.

For more information, please contact: Mrs Harrison in the RE department
Since the launch, St. Anthony’s and St. Aidan’s students have been awarded the following:
23 Gold Awards and 3 Silver Awards
26 Gold Awards and 2 Bronze Awards
21 Gold Awards and 2 Silver Awards
12 Gold Awards and 1 Bronze Award
7 Gold Awards, 3 Silver Awards and 1 Bronze Award
6 Gold Awards, 4 Silver Awards and 2 Bronze Awards