Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre at St. Anthony’s offers all students the opportunity to enhance their studies and learning in a bright and cheerful environment. There is a vast range of reading materials to help students with homework, coursework and further study.

All students are welcome to use the Learning Resource Centre for private reading and there are some lovely comfortable spaces to relax and enjoy your favourite book. The Learning Resource Centre staff are happy to share ideas about recommended books and popular reading choices so that all students are given the opportunity to enjoy reading a range of books that are interesting, exciting and inspiring.

There is also a suite of computers for students to use in the Learning Resource Centre, as well as individual and shared learning spaces for quiet study or group work. Students from all year groups are encouraged to take advantage of the excellent resources provided in the Learning Resource Centre, especially those that develop reading and study skills. Whether it is for a good choice of reading book or a quiet, comfortable place to study, the Learning Resource centre is the place to visit.

All students are welcome to use the Learning Resource Centre throughout their time at St. Anthony’s.