Reporting and Assessment

St Anthony’s Steps – an explanation

In Year 7 and Year 8 at St Anthony’s student progress is monitored through the St. Anthony’s Ladder.

Students are assessed in each subject 3 times a year and placed on a step upon ladder that equates to their progress in each subject. Each step of the ladder measures the knowledge retained and the skills developed over the period of time since the last assessment.

Assessments during the summer term assess all the work undertaken in the academic year.

At the start of Year 7 the starting point for each student upon the ladder is based upon Key Stage 2 results. If a student starts part way through Year 7 or 8 their start point is calculated using SATs and any other data provided by the previous school. Start points are calculated for English, Mathematics, RE, Science, Geography, History, French and Spanish.

In more practical subjects a base line assessment is made during September of Year 7 or when a pupil arrives in school if they have transferred mid-year. These subjects are PE, art, music, food technology, technology and textiles.

We then set target grades for each pupil. Pupils on average are asked to try to progress at least 3 steps on the ladder per  academic year.

St. Anthony’s Steps are an internal assessment mechanism to track progress on a student’s journey throughout Y7-Y8.  Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4.

In Years 9-11 student progress is monitored by using GCSE grades 1-9 in every subject they study.

Please click here to access the document, “Assessment Reporting and Monitoring of Student Progress in Year’s 7-11”.