Law is a popular option at KS5 at St Anthony’s.  Pupils choose the subject for a number of reasons; from a general interest in finding out how the law works to the determination to pursue a career related to law.  Whatever the reason, it allows pupils to develop an important set of skills such as debate and essay writing that are transferable to other subjects and prepare them well for further study.

We offer the BTEC Extended Certificate in Applied Law which is a Level 3 course equivalent to one full A Level and is studied over two years.  It is a mixture of examination and coursework and is modular.  In the first year, pupils learn about the different way laws are made as well as the institutions involved in the practise of law.  They will also learn about the roles of those working in the legal system such as Barristers and solicitors.  The course is wide and varied with something for anyone interested in the law.

In the second year we study Criminal Law (exam) and the Law of Tort (coursework).  We look at the main criminal offences such as murder, manslaughter and Theft as well as the defences available for those accused, such as insanity and intoxication.  We also study the main areas of Tort including negligence and nuisance.  Pupils are able to then apply what they have learned to situations and become ‘lawyers’ themselves.  We have been known to enact a full trial!