Classical Civilisation

Why study Classical Civilisation?

This subject allows students to study aspects of the Greek and Roman worlds through history, literature in translation and archaeological evidence. The course gives students the chance to explore fascinating topics such as how Greeks worshipped their gods by investigating archaeological objects in their ancient world context. Through texts studied in translation, students will be able to follow the adventures undertaken by Odysseus, a Greek hero, as he attempts to reach his home after 10 years at war. It is a challenging and unique subject, enabling students to develop essay and source skills.

Links to GCSE

It is not necessary for students to have studied GCSE History or GCSE Classical Civilisation but it is essential for them to have a good command of English. All modules are assessed through examinations.


Students follow the OCR Syllabus with modules including The World of the Hero, Greek Religion and Greek Theatre.


Students take part in Study Days at the universities of Durham and Newcastle. Every opportunity is made to visit appropriate Roman sites in England, e.g. the British Museum, and abroad if possible.  Visiting speakers from prestigious universities are invited to discuss associated topics. Students are also invited to see productions of Greek tragedies in the North East.