Classical Civilisation

AS and A Level Classical Civilisation allows students to study aspects of the Greek and Roman worlds through history, literature in translation and archaeological evidence. It is not necessary for students to have studied GCSE Classical Civilisation nor GCSE Latin but it is essential for them to have a good command of English.

Students take part in Study Days at the universities of Durham and Newcastle. Every opportunity is made  to visit appropriate Roman sites in the North-East e.g. Segedunum and Arbeia. Where possible, visiting  speakers are invited to discuss associated topics, and arrangements are made for visits to see productions  of Greek tragedies and attend University Classics conferences.

Relevance to Further Studies and Careers

This is a very popular and highly successful subject. Some students take a degree in Classical Civilisation, Archaeology or Ancient History and go on to careers in museum and archive work, teaching and educational media. Others use the subject as a qualification for a variety of arts based degrees and careers in management and the civil service.