Psychology is offered as an A Level subject in Key Stage 5 at St. Anthony’s.

To study Psychology can be life changing in its own right! Psychology is a brilliant general purpose subject which complements lots of others, and wherever people are involved there will be a place for Psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour, and is offered at both AS and A2 level, and we follow the AQA specifications.

It is an extremely broad subject with a wide variety of areas and approaches to understanding. The topics we study are very down to earth and relevant to everyday life, and are cover diverse areas from memory and stress through to aggression and phobias.

Potential careers involving Psychology include Clinical Psychology, Forensic Sciences, Marketing and Media to name but a few.

A Level course content examples:

Memory, Stress (causes, consequences and cures), Abnormality (mental illness generally, causes and treatments), Developmental Psychology (e.g. Attachments), Social Psychology (how people effect each other), Research Methods (it’s how we establish our theories!) and Statistics, Gender, Biological Rhythms and Sleep, Aggression, Phobias, schizophrenia and the Media.

A student particularly well suited to this subject will:

• Have an interest in people and how they live their lives.

• Be able to analyse and synthesise information.

• Be prepared to work hard and think independently

To this end being able to learn to write essays, having some mathematical ability and being able to think scientifically will help.