Extended Schools

St. Anthony’s Academy runs several after school clubs for Y5 & Y6 students.  The clubs are fun activities where students can come into the academy, get to know the school, meet some staff and students they may be classmates with in year 7.

The activities running this year are:

Art Club.  (Monday) This club lets students work on drawing, painting, ceramic and block printing projects.

Craft Club. (Tuesday) Students will make many craft projects such as key fobs, pencil holders, greetings cards, soft toys and so on.

Creative Writing (Thursday) Students will be writing short stories and poems, and we hope to publish their completed work in a book.

Ski Club (Friday). Students can learn to ski or improve their skills (at Silksworth Ski Slope).

The clubs run from 4pm until 5pm, and cost £4 per week.

Ski club takes place at Silksworth Ski Slope, and costs £5.50 per week, which involves all coaching and ski hire. Times vary for this activity depending on experience.

To attend any of these activities need to visit the St. Anthony’s website, please complete this online registration form https://forms.office.com/r/rAsgpzDEYf

If you need any further information the please contact:  ext-schools@st-anthonys-academy.com

Extended schools poster

Extended schools parent/carer letter