St. Anthony’s offers the students an exciting opportunity to study Sociology at GCSE, unlike most secondary schools in the area. The course is available to all girls across all ability levels and is enjoyed by all.

Sociology involves studying human social life, groups and societies in a systematic way. Sociologists investigate and explain the social world and behaviour within it. They are particularly interested in understanding the ways in which society influences us and shapes our daily lives.

As a Sociology student, you will explore and ask questions about the workings of the society you live in.  Studying society will help you understand how society is organised, and to make sense of your own experiences in it. Sociology can be thought-provoking and challenging because it encourages us to think carefully about our views and assumptions.

Unit One in Year 10 includes: Studying Society, Family and the Education System. These social structures, which are the foundations of the society in which we live, will be studied in detail in Year 10.  Students will carry out their own research tasks on each of the topics and begin acting and thinking like a sociologist.

Unit 2 in Year 11 includes: Social Inequality, Mass Media, Power and Crime and Deviance.  Within each of the units, students will study the effects of socialisation and social control. They will look at social processes and how each process affects society, such as the quality of parenting and teenage crime.

At the end of the two year course, students will be assessed with two one and a half hour examinations.