Year 11 Timeline to Success

In recent weeks our Year 11 students have had virtual assemblies to encourage them to begin the process of revision for the external examinations this summer.

Today we are introducing a ‘Timeline to Success’ – linked here Timeline to Success

We deeply want them to succeed and will do everything in our power to support and facilitate this. We also outlined the range of additional opportunities that are available to your child throughout this term, in preparation for the final examination period.

These opportunities include:

  • Lunchtime and after school (Period 6) subject specific support
  • Support mentoring and Intervention for a number of students

Thank you in advance for your support in encouraging your child to make the most of these opportunities.

We have also spoken to your daughter about the external examinations and contingency planning.

Please note that at this stage external examinations are planned to go ahead as normal in Summer 2022, with the following adaptations:

  • students taking GCSEs in English literature, history and geography will not need to cover the usual range of content in the exams – the exam boards have published information on their websites on how this will work for each of their specifications in these subjects. Students taking GCSEs in all other subjects will be given advance information about the focus of the content of the exams to support their revision
  • students taking GCSE mathematics will be given in their exams copies of formulae they would in other years have to memorise
  • students taking GCSE physics and combined science will be given in their exams a sheet covering all the equations they might need to apply in the exams

The link below will take you to the latest document published by Ofqual detailing the current contingency plans for the summer if the impact of the pandemic worsens or takes an unexpected turn. The link contains a letter to students which we would encourage you to read with your child. We would like to reassure parents that the school continues to collect a range of high-quality evidence to ensure an accurate and fair Teacher Assessed Grade can be provided if needed. This is not the WAG (working at grade) or PFG (predicted final grade) but a combination of assessment and additional evidence overtime.

The contingency plans require school to collect robust assessment information over time. There is a further assessment point scheduled during this year. The second set of mock examinations takes place during fortnight commencing Monday 14th March 2022; timetables for these internal assessments will be shared soon. These mocks will be extensive assessments and will be used as part of the evidence of your daughters ability in her subjects should the school be asked to provide Teacher Assessed grades.

A final assessment period will take place in the event of terminal examinations being cancelled. If this is the case then the internal assessments will be carried out during the normal GCSE examination time frame. It remains, of course, vital that completing homework, preparing for assessments and putting in maximum effort at all times continues as this will allow us to have a clear picture and vital evidence to back up where your child is on their learning journey. Class teachers will use the evidence in the next set of assessments to measure the progress being made by your child and to fine tune their preparations for the final examinations. We are mindful that uncertainty surrounding external GCSE examinations can cause some worry for parents and students and we would like to reassure parents that we will provide timely communications following any updates from Ofqual and the Department for Education.

The Young Minds website offers advice and information for parents/carers to support their children during examination periods. It is short and helpful: . Thank you for your continued support.

We are determined to enable our students to achieve the best possible outcomes so that they can progress along their chosen career paths.