Miss Sarah Jane Atkinson

Sarah-Jane is an SLE and coordinator within the English Department. She is an experienced English teacher who has worked at St Anthony’s Academy for over four years. Her responsibilities include training, development and leading of staff, coordination and management of whole year groups within the English Department, KS3 curriculum development, and data analysis. Since becoming KS3 English Coordinator four years ago, Sarah-Jane has implemented many new strategies to develop the attainment and achievement within English, including a re-designed KS3 curriculum and the implementation of new marking and assessment policies. Sarah-Jane also works very closely alongside the Head of English to devise and develop new policies and procedures on a department-wide scale, including moderation and standardisation, pupil tracking and staff development. Sarah-Jane also has experience of being an ITT mentor through a range of training providers, and contributes towards the training of student teachers on a school-wide basis.