Mrs Frances Collins

Senior Assistant Head Teacher (Behaviour and Attendance)

Frances has been teaching Modern Languages in schools across the North East for 19 years. During this time she has built up a broad base of transferable skills having worked as a Year Leader in Key Stages 3 and 5, a Deputy Subject Leader and a Head of Department and currently as an Senior Assistant Head Teacher with a responsibility for Post-16 Education. She has led various whole-school initiatives including developing a Post-16 monitoring and mentoring programme and a diverse range of projects to engage students in the life of the school and the local community. As an SLE, Frances has delivered training to Primary School and trainee teachers on pupil engagement and the challenges faced in Post-16 education. Frances has a proven track record of leading successful teams in the curriculum and pastoral domains and she has achieved very positive outcomes for students across all ability ranges. She has excellent interpersonal skills and can motivate and enthuse others by being a positive role model and by working sensitively and collaboratively to help colleagues and leaders to develop their practice and confidence in order to improve standards. She is motivated not only by the desire to develop her own performance and skills but to help others to maximise their own potential for the good of all students.