Mrs Catherine Dugdale

Leading STEM Practioner

Catherine is an experienced Science teacher and has been working at St Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy for over 12 years.  In July 2017 she was awarded the level of Leading STEM teacher as part of the STEM Educators scheme.  Catherine has a strong commitment to educational research and has participated in Stage 2 and Stage 3 action research projects aimed at enhancing student performance in Science through the use of oracy and developing metacognitive approaches.  Catherine has achieved her Master’s degree in Advanced Professional Practice in Secondary Education and has much experience in helping teachers investigate their own practice by mentoring colleagues completing action research projects and ITT students.  Catherine has also worked in the Pastoral System as a Year Leader for 9 years and has a proven track record of mentoring disadvantaged and challenging students to achieve positive outcomes across KS3 and KS4.

Catherine is passionate about teaching Science and enjoys the challenge of teaching pupils of all abilities across the secondary age range.  She is skilled at coaching and mentoring staff and students alike and is happy to share her expertise to support others.