Burying a Time Capsule for future Antonians

Time Capsule

On Tuesday 9th December St. Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy and Beacon Teaching Alliance (led by St. Anthony’s) buried a Time Capsule under the chapel of the new school which is currently being construction by Kier on the current site of the school.

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Representatives from History Club (Abbie Bowden Y7, Kate Wilson Y7, Maheera Khatun Y7,  Khoruna Begum Y7, Lily Heskett-Saddington Y9 and Emmaleigh Poulton Y9) joined with trustees, representatives from St. Anthony’s Leadership Group, Beacon Teaching School Leaders and representatives from Kier Group at the event.


History Club included a number of artifacts in the capsule including a school mug which has a quote from Catherine McAuley (founder the Sisters of Mercy who founded the school) “The proof of love is deed”, a school timetable, a pen, a bible, a prayer book, representations of popular culture and life in 2014, a DVD of the annual Antonian Awards evening and a Teaching School programme.  We also added a brief history of the school and a Kier flag to represent all those who are part of the history of the community at St. Anthony’s who have worked on the design and construction of the new building.