Being a part of St Anthony’s doesn’t end when you leave us, and we hope you carry fond memories of your time with us into you future. We want to connect with our former pupils and stay in touch, keeping you up to date with events and developments within the academy, and also to find out about your experiences after you left. We hope that many of our alumni would also consider supporting the current pupils of St Anthony’s, through sharing experiences, knowledge and skills. We would love you to get in contact with us, and we would love to hear about the steps you have taken after leaving the school.

St. Anthony’s students go on to many, varied and interesting careers.

Some Alumnae/Alumni who have become regionally, nationally and internationally renowned in their field:

  • LAW – Dame Kathryn Mary ThirlwallC. – Court of Appeal
  • PARLIAMENT/LAW Helen Emes Counsel to the Deputy Speaker
  • TV/RADIO – Lauren Laverne (Gofton) – TV and radio presenter
  • JOURNALISM – Catherine Jacob – news reporter Five News, Environment Correspondent for Sky News
  • THEATRE Frances McNamee – starring in Sting’s, “The Last Ship” (2018). Other credits include, “Big Fish” and “Two Nobel Kinsmen/The Rover and Loves Labour Lost/Won with the RSC.
  • UNIVERSITY EDUCATION Andrea O’Cain – Associate Dean School of Law Northumbria University, Ministry of Justice
  • SCRIPT WRITING – Emma and Beth Kilcoyne – TV and radio script writers, playwrights and actors who have worked with Dawn French
  • BANKING – Louise Pitt – Managing Director Global Research Division Goldman Sachs New York
  • THE MILITARY – Flying Officer Sttevei Atalla – Queen’s Commendation
  • TEACHING – Paula Williams – Headteacher of Whitburn School and founding Trustee of Schools North East
  • ACCOUNTANCY – Pam Jackson – City of London “Woman of Achievement” 2010 Price Waterhouse Cooper Partner
  • RELIGIOUS LIFE – Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley – Anglican Bishop of Waikato Diocese New Zealand and now Bishop of Ripon
  • ADVERTISING – Nicola Wardell – Grey Advertising Agency – Board member of a WPP Advertising Company
  • SPORT – Emma Lonsdale – U-19 England Netball Captain, British Universities Netball Squad, Oxford University Netball Captain
  • You? If you are an Alumna/Alumni of St. Anthony’s, or know someone who is, please e-mail  marked Alumna/Alumni and tell us your/their story.  We want to hear from ALL Alumni/Alumnae, not just those who may be famous in their field.
  • We very much look forward to hearing from you, and for some perhaps we can add you add to our “renowned” list!

Alumni, alumnus, alumna or alumnae? The Latin grammar debate (for the purists):

Alumni is a plural referring either to a group of male graduates or to a group of both male and female graduates.

The singular alumnus refers to one male graduate, alumna refers to one female graduate, and the plural alumnae refers to a group of female graduates.

These Latin loanwords preserve their original plural forms, and incorrect use of the words abounds because many speakers of English are understandably unfamiliar with the genders and plurals of Latin nouns.