Pupil Chaplaincy Team

Description of the activity
“I invite all Christians everywhere, at this very moment, to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ” Pope Francis
The schools’ Pupil Chaplaincy Team is made up of students from Years 7 – 13. They contribute to the Catholic life and mission of our school. This can take many forms, and includes things like:
• Helping in the planning, preparation and delivery of Advent and Lenten Prayer liturgies for each year group in school.
• Fundraising for various charities throughout the school year.
• Promoting the food bank in school.
• Helping in the planning, preparation and delivery of the Pupil Bereavement Service and Holocaust Memorial Day prayer liturgy.

The Pupils’ Chaplaincy Team also help with the yearly ‘faith festival’, where speakers from different religions are invited into school to speak to students. In addition to this, the Pupil Chaplaincy Team also create information posters to be displayed around school, highlighting festivals in other faiths and what we can do to respect and help our brothers and sisters of other faiths.
Reasons to participate
The Pupil Chaplaincy Team consists of a variety of different students from different year groups. Working together with people from other Year groups develops teamwork and leadership skills. Planning, advertising and delivering prayer liturgies allows members to further develop these skills along with opportunities to enhance their public speaking ability, if they wish to. Students take an active part in the Catholic life of the school and leading in prayer liturgies is a powerful witness to the message of Christ. It is also a good way to make friends from other classes in your Year as well as meeting students in other year groups.
Day, time and Venue
All years are welcome to attend or just drop in to find out more.
Wednesday lunchtime (12:35) in Room 0.08
For more information, please contact: Mrs Moran in the RE department