Cafod Young Leaders

CAFOD Young Leaders – Year 12
Day of the week that it runs
Once a half term (more when required e.g. campaigns are launched)
Who is welcome to attend?
Anyone in Year 12 who is interested in learning about leadership skills through leading the whole school community in a campaign for CAFOD.
There are roughly ten places available each year. At the start of Year 12, students are invited to write a short letter of application around their choice of a topic. The best 10 are then chosen to take part in termly training, which is ran by members of CAFOD. This will be done either remotely or in person at another location.
2- 3 training days over the course of the year.
Main school or at an external location.
Any additional information for students/parents?
Year 12 students are informed about the CAFOD Young Leaders Programme in their first half term. Any interested students should contact Mr Harrison.